Why is Torque Wrench Calibration Important

A torque wrench is an equipment that is a part of many garages, race teams, engine builders, etc. You use it a fair bit and it helps in achieving serious horsepower or ensuring that the wheels do not come off while you are on the road. Despite its importance, many people take the maintenance of this instrument very lightly. If you take torque wrench calibration seriously and take proper care of the instrument, it can last for a long time. Let’s learn more about it.

Importance of Torque Wrench Calibration

Calibration goes a long way in ensuring that the torque wrench gives accurate measurements and safe results. Based on the usage, you must calibrate them annually or earlier. If you are wondering how to calibrate torque wrench, you can take either of the two approaches:

  • DIY
  • Professionals/calibration labs

The DIY approach is a good way to check if the error lies within the tolerable range and ensure that the instrument is well calibrated. However, it is advisable that you get it calibrated from the professionals, especially if the torque wrench is too off the mark. Ensure that the calibration labs and services that you use are accredited to be assured of accurate and reliable results.

Calibrating it is a time consuming process, but several companies have come up with special devices to make the process simpler and quicker. Schedule the calibration regularly as it will eliminate the errors and keep the wrench working at its optimum level.

Torque Wrench Will Go Off The Mark

No matter how well you take care of your torque wrench, it will go off at some point. You must have it tested once a year to make sure that it is calibrated correctly.

If the wrench is off by a few ft-lbs, then calibration is not required. However, anything more than that, you must calibrate the torque wrench immediately. When the torque wrench is too off the mark, you risk the safety of the person driving the vehicle and those around them. Since this instrument is used to torque the lugs on a wheel, imagine how dangerous it would be if the wrench was under-torquing your wheel lugs!

How Can You Avoid a Wacky Torque Wrench

Following points can help you avoid a wacky torque wrench

  1. Make sure that you always store the torque wrench in the manufacturer’s case and keep it in a dry place.
  2. Torque wrench might help you achieve rugged tasks but you must treat it as a delicate equipment.
  3. Always choose a torque wrench that operates within your torque range. For example, if you are checking torque levels at 80-100 ft-lbs, then you would need a torque wrench that is more than 100 ft-lbs. Using one in the 200 range will allow for more accurate readings as the torque wrench will not near its max torque setting.
  4. Ensure that you don’t turn the handle below the lowest torque setting. Do not turn the wrench past the click.
  5. Always back off the torque indicator to a low torque setting before you store it for next use. The click style torque wrench contains a spring and when you have a high torque setting it compresses that spring for an extended period of time, causing it to “set” at that length.
  6. If you haven’t used the torque wrench for a long time, turn the knurled handle in the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions several times to re-lubricate the internal workings. After that, operate at a low torque setting several times. Doing this will ensure proper operation of the torque wrench.

The torque wrench can be off when it isn’t used often or if it is mishandled in any way. If you dropped the torque wrench or damaged it in any physical way, make sure you get it calibrated immediately.

If you are looking for reliable calibration services for calibrating your torque wrench, your search ends at RS Calibration. We are fully equipped with the right tools, techniques and skilled teams to provide torque wrench calibration services. As an accredited lab, we assure you of excellent and reliable services. Get in touch today to know more.

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