5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Flow Meter Upgrade

Flow meter

Time and constant usage are two factors that deteriorate the quality of any equipment. They affect the performance, accuracy and efficiency. The same can be said about your flow meter system. If it is not achieving the desired outputs, you must upgrade it.

Here are 5 signs that indicate you need to upgrade your flow meter:

  1. Changes in the System

One of the common reasons to upgrade the flow control equipment includes a change in the system that it is monitoring. It can either involve a new or extended operation with the business or even a simple change to the layout of the existing equipment.

If there is any change in the practice, then the business should consider the system’s new needs and circumstances into the planning and budgetary aspect. Doing this would enable you to understand if there is any use for the old equipment at another point in the system, in case it is still working.

Some of the factors that can have an effect on the monitoring equipment include new piping networks that can alter the fluid dynamics and different compositions of the fluid contents.

  1. Incompatibility with Newer Systems

If there are any changes to the computer systems in a business, there is a possibility that obsolete technologies and control systems may be vulnerable to it. The flow monitoring equipment can be equated with the nervous system within an operation. If there is any issue within the components of the flow control equipment, you have to consider flow meter calibration immediately.

Partial upgrades can be a good solution which is cost-effective as well as easy to execute. There are free software upgrades that you can use to enhance or patch both the hardware and software components. You can bridge various communication issues and upgrade computer programs to accommodate new protocols. Hire a trained engineer to implement these changes to make sure that there are no bugs or faults that could potentially disrupt the system in the future.

  1. Historic Records

One of the critical aspects of a maintenance schedule is recording all the information that is discovered and corrected during the service. It may seem time-consuming but these records are useful in identifying patterns in the maintenance of equipment. Furthermore, they also help in determining the performance of the equipment. A written record of events enables you to see a clear and detailed communication of the equipment’s actual performance. You can find recurring problems that an equipment experienced and a reduction in equipment reliability shown through an increasing number of services. The performance logs can be used to understand a system’s overall efficiency over time and highlight any deterioration in the functional ability of the equipment.

  1. Real-Time Data

While historic data offers crucial information, real-time data is equally important. It should be used to check the accuracy levels of the flow control system. By using secondary equipment to verify the data being generated from the control system, you can provide a greater overall level of reliability within the operation.

Some devices you can use are portable clamp-on devices that offer correct measurements within the operating parameters. It is important to cross-check these results to ensure that the equipment is producing accurate information at each point of this parameter range. If any part of the equipment stops being reliable, the overall performance will be affected. Therefore, you must upgrade the equipment if it is reaching the end of its life-cycle or needs to be restored in any way so that it can perform to its maximum operating efficiency.

  1. Monetary Benefits

Earning a profit is the primary goal of any business, but if your flow meter system is cutting into those profits, you probably need to upgrade it. Some factors may include the rising cost of maintaining the equipment, spare parts getting increasingly costly or an increased expense of hiring specialist technical support from third-party companies. If the equipment is getting obsolete, invest in newer technology even if it seems expensive because it will prove to be economical in the long run.

Watch out for the above-mentioned signs or any sign the points towards a decreased performance of flow meter. If you spot any evidence, call lab calibration services like RS Calibration Services immediately for equipment calibration.

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