RS Calibration Pipette business

“RS Calibration Services Inc. has made a strategic decision to discontinue calibration services on pipette, syringe pump and bottletop dispenser instruments. After careful evaluation, we have determined that our focus and commitment better serves all of our customers by delivering quality services in the primary disciplines we offer in our Pleasanton lab. In making this change in our lab, we believe we can increase the scope of our support in our services focused on Temperature, Dimensional, Electronics, Pressure, Flow, Torque and Force calibrations.

With this change our commitment to superior customer support as always is to deliver our services “The RS WAY”.  At its core, our customer-focused program is based on Integrity, Quality, Attention to Detail, Reliability, Responsiveness and Expertise.”


If you have any questions regarding this notification you may use the “contact us” link located at the top of our home page


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