How Does Calibration by Accredited Laboratories Benefit Your Business?

Whether during a regulatory inspection or daily activities, you need to be sure that your equipment and instruments offer accurate measurements. This can be conducted onsite or in the lab through a variety of specific processes, e.g. flow meter calibration to measure the flow of liquids and gases.

It’s no secret that calibration services play a critical role in the validation process, especially in industries heavily regulated by the FDA, like food and pharma manufacturing. However, it’s crucial to understand how calibration performed by accredited laboratories offers better accuracy and quality assurance than non-accredited labs might.


Accredited providers of calibration services can offer a wide range of benefits to your business, including:


  1. Independently Audited – Working with an accredited calibration laboratory gives you greater assurance of quality in more ways than one. You enjoy the security of knowing that the lab has been audited by an independent third party (accreditation body), which assesses whether industry standards and regulations are met.
  2. Highly Demanding Quality – Before they receive accreditation, calibration labs go through a rigorous process to develop and implement quality management systems that meet pharma manufacturing standards. This includes their equipment, staff and processes.
    Since industry standards are very high for these sectors, an accredited laboratory is bound to be more competent at handling pharmaceutical cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) requirements than a non-accredited one.
  3. Greater Accuracy Levels – Accredited laboratories give you more confidence in the devices they have calibrated. Since they need to meet the highest industry standards, their calibration accuracy is tested and audited through strict assessments, to ensure that inaccuracies and variations do not affect pharmaceutical quality.
    It’s worth spending a little more when it comes to something as delicate as calibration. Incorrect or inefficient calibrations will not just waste your time, they can lead to heavy fines or even product recalls.
  4. Reduced Audit Costs – As part of pharma manufacturing standards, the FDA requires pharmaceutical companies to conduct regular audits for suppliers. The extra expense in terms of time and money can be saved by turning to accredited laboratories for calibration services, instead of performing calibration on your own.
    Since these labs have already been audited by an accreditation body, this saves you significant costs.
  5. Better Control and Tracking – Calibration labs that meet industry requirements and receive accreditation typically have more control than non-accredited ones. You can have complete faith in the accuracy of measurements from instruments they calibrate, since this is done in a controlled environment.
    That’s not the only benefit of better control though. You are also assured that calibrated equipment is tracked on your behalf after it leaves the lab, right till it reaches you!

Assessment by an independent accreditation body ensures precise results, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when you hire an accredited calibration laboratory like RS Calibration. We deliver the highest levels of quality and accuracy to meet exacting industry demands. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us now!

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