Reducing Data Integrity Risk: 7 Must-Know Strategies

Data integrity is essential in a pharmaceutical quality system to make sure that the products are of the required quality. In fact, data integrity in pharma has become the most important aspect in pharmaceuticals due to FDA and other regulatory agencies. What is Data Integrity? Data integrity refers to the fact that data must be […]

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Calibration Intervals – What You Need to Know About Them

Calibration intervals are a defined period of time between calibrations for measuring equipment. They are established to make sure that the measuring equipment operates within the interval time frame. A well-defined calibration interval balances the cost of calibration, the inconvenience of the process and the need to keep the test instruments performing within their specification. […]

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All You Need to Know About Sensor Calibration

You can use the best possible sensor in your equipment but still get inaccurate results. Why? The most likely answer is that the sensor needs calibration in the systems they are being used for. Let us learn why sensor calibration is of utmost importance. Not Every Sensor is Perfect It is critical to remember that […]

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5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Flow Meter Upgrade

Flow meter

Time and constant usage are two factors that deteriorate the quality of any equipment. They affect the performance, accuracy and efficiency. The same can be said about your flow meter system. If it is not achieving the desired outputs, you must upgrade it. Here are 5 signs that indicate you need to upgrade your flow […]

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How to Choose the Right Flow Meter – 6 Tips

Having choices is a good thing but it can be rather overwhelming if there are a plethora of choices in front of you. Choosing the right flow meter is critical for efficient business processes and operations. Flow meters are used by test and measurement professionals to provide results in a wide variety of applications in […]

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Understanding Instrument Calibration Documentation: As Found vs. As Left

The Difference between As Found and As Left Data Instrument calibration is the comparison of an unknown device against a reference standard to know the deviation of the unknown device from the standard. A commercial instrument calibration employs the OEM’s procedure using a reference standard that is at least four times more precise than the […]

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5 Benefits Accredited Lab Calibration Services Bring to Your Business

Why Choose Only Accredited Lab Calibration Services for Instrument Calibration There are several alternatives to using accredited calibration services like an unaccredited quality assurance laboratory or a commercial equipment manufacturer that can perform instrument calibration. So why choose an accredited lab when others can perform the same instrument calibrations at a low cost? Unaccredited calibration […]

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The Significance of Calibration in Hazardous Areas

Equipment calibration in any industrial environment should not only be accurate and meticulous but also efficient and safe. Every industrial setting has a different classification for hazardous areas that can greatly benefit with the use of intrinsically safe lab calibrators. These calibrators facilitate optimal and secure operation of electronic instruments in explosive environments while ensuring […]

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8 Important Things to Look Out for When Buying Pre-Owned Lab Equipment

With a significant chunk of lab funds being allocated to expensive equipment, lab owners need to watch out for cost-cutting and curtail increasing overheads. Used equipment is a saving grace and helps save as much as 70% of the budget while making it easy to meet market demands even with tight schedules. Whether you need […]

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5 Tips to Help You Prepare for an FDA Inspection

Regulatory authorities such as the FDA have gotten more stringent with their acceptance criteria, especially when it comes to food and drug or medical device companies. You will not always be informed about an FDA inspection in advance, so you need to be fully prepared at all times if you want to avoid Form 483 […]

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